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One week update on my bic solei savvy razors

29 Jun

So, after receiving my bzz campaign the “Bic solei savvy razors” on 6/18 I decided to wait a week of shaving every single day with these razors to share my honest opinion on them and to see if I still had the same opinion as I originally did the first time using them on June 16th.

My first opinion on the product was:. I’ve gone through so many razors and they just don’t do their job and I don’t like to spend a lot of money on razors that don’t work. Let me tell you.. if you are like me and your hair grows back within a day or two and or you have have problems with red bumps under your armpits, this is the razor for you. It’s less than $8 and it works amazing! My armpits and legs are so smooth, they have never been this smooth before. I actually feel confident going outside in shorts knowing that my legs are ready for summer and they aren’t all hacked up!

My opinion now on this product is: I’ve been using this razor for a week, I made sure that I used my razor for a week before I shared my opinion to see if my opinion changed from my first day of using it, but nothing has changed. I love this razor! My opinion on the razor is that it’s different for everyone, I’ve noticed. I have very dry skin and I unfortunately have stubble everyday, so I shave daily and most of the time I just dry shave because I don’t have time to waste shaving. This razor doesn’t require shaving cream, but your legs are super smooth if you do decide to use soap or shaving cream and I like the pivoting head, that’s my favorite part of it. I think the razor glided just enough. I barely had any stubble the next day and my legs were so smooth after shaving, which is important when you wear shorts during the summer. I liked this razors so much I went out and bought another package of them so I’ll have enough for the rest of the summer. I didn’t receive any cuts from this razor even when I dry shaved, which is a huge deal for me! I still think this product is a 9.5/10 in my books.  I also love that they include 4 more razor heads for the price of $8. That’s a steal!

I shared coupons with a few ladies that I knew in person and or people I had met through I explained to all these ladies that I am on the website and that they have a facebook page that they could post on. I told them that  on the website bzzagent that you can receive free products in return for bzzing/sharing your opinions and sharing the products with others and sharing their opinions also. I told them I got “free” razors from bzzagent and in return I share my opinion and their opinions on the product. They thought the website was awesome and a few of them have joined already!  I’ve only received one opinion on the product so far but once I hear more opinions I will be bzzing about it. I’d like to thank Britny for sharing her opinion with me, so I could post on bzzagent about other people’s opinions on the product and I’m glad she had a different opinion than me because that’s what sharing products is all about.. it’s a 50/50 chance someone is going to like something.

Her opinion was: I did use the razor, It’s not my favorite. I wish the razor glided more on my skin. I use the hydrosilk for women and this just didn’t compare, I had gotten used to not needing shaving cream but I needed some this time. Overall it did its job with with few cuts.

Like I stated before, before this campaign is over I will be sharing the opinions from the other ladies I shared coupons with.

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” The Dark Monk” & ” The Hangman’s Daughter” Bzzing 2nd time around

27 Jun

As a bzzagent I’m supposed to bzz a lot about the products I receive, which I do enjoy doing, however if you’re like me, you only read books one or twice, so I can’t really write too much about the books but I can rave to my friends about how great they are and let them borrow the books from my kindle, which I am doing soon, so I will post another review about how my friend/friends liked the books before my campaign is up.


After my first review, I decided to give ” The Dark Monk” kindle book another chance and I am glad that I did. The first time I read it, it didn’t keep my interest at all after the first chapter and in my opinion the book is a bit dark for my taste, but the second time around I paid more attention to all the details of the “mystery” book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oliver Potzsch has quite a great imagination. I hope he releases some more books soon!

“The dark monk” takes place in the 17th century and the story revolves around a parish priest named Andreas Koppmeyer who ends up being poisoned by a doughnut. Jacob, Magdalena, and Simon all set out to find out who killed Andreas and that takes up pretty much the whole book. We discover all about Jacob ( Magdalena’s father), Magdalena, and Simon and about Magdalena and Simon’s love life even though Benedikta Koppmeyer comes to town and Simon has a wandering eye, which really upsets Magdalena. Overall, I liked the book, I didn’t love it but I did like it because the author keeps you involved throughout the book, he makes sure that you know what’s going on at all times and keep you wanting more and wondering who is the actual killer without giving away too many clues. Read the books regardless if you’re into “mystery” books or not, you’ll enjoy them! the dry humor in the book is enough to keep me wanting more.


Also you should read the hangman’s daughter, that’s by far one of the best books I’ve read in a long time! The hangman’s daughter takes place in 16th century also. They didn’t have as much action in this book other than the stoning in the beginning of the book and the fact that a “guy” with a skeletal hand was going around killing children and the town was blaming a woman who they believe is a “witch”. Very interesting read. I’m glad that I gave these books another chance. I will be passing them onto my friend to read now.


Bic Solei Savvy Razors

21 Jun

Bic Solei Savvy Razors

Pretty pink bic solei savvy razors with coupons

So, like I’ve stated below I got selected from to campaign the bic razors. I was/am so excited about it because I have no luck with razors. As embarrassing as it is to admit I have to shave my legs every two days, which is a huge no no when you’re a woman. This razor was everything I was hoping for and more. It has a nice glider which makes shaving easier and it didn’t nick my skin at all. This might have been the only time I’ve ever shaved that I didn’t have a trickle of blood coming down my leg. This razor is only $8 or less, and it has 3 blades which is perfect enough in itself because why would you need 4 blades?! right.. and you sure don’t need only 2 blades or one because that doesn’t work. I give this product a 10 out of 10. Bzzagent was great about sending it out and I had no problem with it, I received it about 6 days after it was shipped out. I am very pleased with the fact that I get to try out free products in return for my honest opinion. I’ve given my coupons out to my boyfriend’s twin sisters, my best friend Ann, I bought my grandmother this razor with her coupon, and I sent three out in the mail one to my best friend Holly, and two to some people from the website and I asked them if they could tell me their honest opinion about the razor so I could write a 3rd bzzreport on how everyone liked their razors. My legs are still smooth from shaving my legs yesterday which NEVER EVER happens, so I am very pleased with this product. Anyone who thinks their razor isn’t good enough and is skeptical about bic products, don’t be. Use this product, in my honest opinion this is the only razor I will be using in the future because it’s the only one I’ve come across that isn’t a waste of money and actually works!

Thank you so much bzzagent for giving me a chance to try out this awesome product and I hope I get chose again for other campaigns. I am a huge fan of your website and tell everyone about it! I can’t even explain to them how awesome you are but I sure try!

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Bzzagent is great

15 Jun

I’ve recently just joined bzzagent less than a month ago. I was anxious to try out the campaigns and I never thought I’d get one as fast as I did, not just one but two of them!

I got campaigns for the dark monk and the hangman’s daughter e books and the BIC Solei Savvy razors that I haven’t received yet but I am very excited to try.


I’m so very excited about the razors because I suffer from dry skin and razor burn even when I do use shaving cream, my razors just hack up my legs so I usually use men razors instead because they work better, but I am glad to use these razors I’ve been offered because I’ve heard good reviews about them so far. I’ll be updating my reviews as soon as my bzzkit comes in.


This website is great for me and the reasons it is great is because

1. It’s free.. free is for me.

2. They let you try out things for free and you can share with other people. That’s very appealing isn’t it?!  I’m sold!

3. You get to share your opinion/review after receiving your bzzkits.  I’m a queen of gabbing, so being able to share my opinion on free products is heaven to me.


I think it’s such a great idea what bzzagent is willing to share free products to us and then we just go rebuy the products afterwards if we liked the stuff. They have the best products to try out, so of course we will all repurchase the products with our own money!


I love being a bzzagent and I will continue spreading the world to anybody who will listen to me. I tell people all the time and tell them to sign up.



Hello world!

15 Jun

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Happy blogging!