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A month using my bic solei razors

26 Jul

Hello bzzagent & bzzagent fans,

I’ve been using my free bic solei savvy razor that I received free from bzzagent in return for my honest opinion. I love bzzagent because they’ve given me every opportunity to try stuff out before buying and being able to share my opinion is something I enjoy doing. I love bzz campaigns and I hope I get more in the future. Bzzagent also has the coolest products they give out.. even the kindle books was great! I tell all my friends and family about your website and I always include that the things are free! I think your website is the greatest and worth sharing with everyone!

My review:  Like I said before I’ve been using these razors every two days for the past month. My opinion hasn’t changed since first receiving this product and trying it out except the fact that I went from love to super love this product!

1. It leaves my skin feeling smooth even after two days! which never happened before because I’d get prickly skin after a day.

2. It has three blades which gets right down to the root.

3. The pivot head glides gently down the legs and doesn’t leave any nicks in your skin.

4. The color is so cute pink with glittery! my favorite

5. It’s only between $7-9 dollars

My friends/family reviews:

Omg yeah I actually just finished shaving. I really liked it, it made my legs super smooth and I didn’t even get any cuts!!!! The heads were easy to switch out unlike other similar razors and the color was super cute. I would definitely buy it again.
Britny: I did use the razor, It’s not my favorite. I wish the razor glided more on my skin. I use the hydrosilk for women and this just didn’t compare, I had gotten used to not needing shaving cream but I needed some this time. Overall it did its job with with few cuts.
Ann: I loved this razor. I’m really cheap when it comes to buying razors even though I know I shouldn’t because the cheaper they are, the worse the razor does it’s job. I’m actually going to buy this razor because I loved how it made my legs smooth and I didn’t need to shave every few days. Thank you for the coupon and including me in your bzzagent campaign.
Here is my video reviews 🙂