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Glade Expressions Fragrance

22 Sep

So, has offered me a great bzz campaign.. the Glade Expression Fragrances! they sent me a booklet full of coupons with two free products, save $2, and save $4 off coupons to give to my friends and family, which I have! my coupons are mostly all gone.


The new Glade Expression Fragrances include the following:

1. Cotton & Italian Mandarin

2. Fuji apple & Cardom spice

3. Lavender and Juniper berry

4. Pineapple & Mangosteen

I chose to try the cotton & Italian mandarin. I like how to the bottle is set up you can refill them, but to me they are kind of pointless, you’re paying almost $5 for two bottles instead of just owning one glade mist spray that is less than $2. However, I got the product for free, so I will not complain. It smelt good, very clean smelling. I’ve been using it to spray down the bedroom and living room when I don’t have time to clean around the house. It just keeps things smelling fresh. It’s good for any room or to spray in the car if you have sweaty work out clothes in there.. the spray doesn’t last long which isn’t such a bad thing because the first sniff gives me an instant headache which I wish it didn’t because it does smell good.

I’d like to be able to try the other kinds soon, especially the fuji apple! apples remind me of fall and considering it is fall.. I need to use this spray in my home.


I also tried the oil diffuser glade expressions.

I received a coupon for a free oil diffuser and the only one they had at walmart was the pineapple one, so I tried that one in hopes that it would be good. After setting up this cute fall design for my home, I was instantly suffered from a headache. the smell was so intoxicating that I had to put it back into the box and keep it there! I’m very disappointed because the set up is so cute!


unreal candy goodness

22 Sep

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So, as many of you know that I am on I am a bzzagent where I get free products to try and or coupons to use and to give to my family and or friends.  I recently got to try the “unreal” candy bzzcampaign and I am/was very excited about trying the candy.


I believe soon everyone will be eating this “healthier” candy, they really did make me feel less guilty about eating junk food and they tasted very similar to the candy I eat on a weekly basis. I love chocolate!


My first opinion:

I received FREE coupons from I was a little skeptical about this unreal candy products, so I looked further into them before purchasing them this afternoon.

Pretty much they are in all reality less calories compared to other type of chocolate bars. Unreal candy bars only have 200 calories and 16g sugars whereas peanut m&m’s have 250 calories and 23 g sugars! that’s a lot of sugar! Unreal candy doesn’t contain corn syrup or artificial ingredients.

So what it comes down to mostly is that junk food doesn’t have to be bad for you, you just have to eat it in moderation and I’d rather eat junk food that is healthier for me such as unreal candy in moderation.

They taste similar to reese peanut butter cups and caramel chocolate bars. They sell these products at places like walgreens, rite aid, cvs, and staples. They also come in five different flavors : chocolate shell peanuts, chocolate shells, chocolate caramel nougat, chocolate caramel peanut nougat, and chocolate peanut butter.

So far I’ve tried the chocolate peanut butter cups and the chocolate caramel peanut nougat. I give them an 8 out of 10. Pros: They have less sugars than regular candy bars. They tasted similar to other name brand chocolate bars. They were very filling for a small chocolate bar, and they are only $1.17 originally, so if you have the bogo coupon you only have to spend $1.17 to get two of them.

Cons: They leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth after you’re done eating them. They don’t have enough variety in my opinion.

So overall I am very pleased with the two selections I chose and I plan on trying the other three types of unreal candy very soon.


My opinion a few weeks later:



September 13, 2012 by Savanahrae22

After receiving the coupons from bzzagent for free as one of my bzz campaigns, I decided I would give them all a try. I still need to try the last two products I haven’t tried yet.

I recently just tried the Chocolate candy shell peanuts that come in the black and green package. I give them a 4 out of 5. I found them to be a lot similar to peanut m&m’s and they had at least 20 pieces of candy in the small bag which is always a nice surprise. They are 200 calories, whereas m&m’s are 250 calories.. so that’s 50 calories you can put towards your diet. They also only have 16g whereas m&m’s have 25g. That’s a whole lot of sugar for something that might taste better but isn’t as healthy for you.

Pros: Less sugar, less calories, doesn’t taste much different than M&M’s, healthier for you,they are yummy tasting. They have about the same amount of candy in their bags, and they are only $1.17 at rite aid, cvs, and staples.

Cons: Every unreal candy I’ve eaten has a weird aftertaste. I drink a drink afterwards and it just doesn’t go away. It’s weird but not weird enough for me to stop eating them. They also don’t have enough selections. I wish they would come out with more chocolate bars. If people are allergic to peanuts, they won’t be able to eat the unreal products because even though they are healthier for you, they still contain the following ingredients: MILK, SOY, PEANUTS. MAY CONTAIN TREE NUTS, WHEAT.

When I went to cash out at Staples the cashier was so interested in where I had got the coupon for the real unreal candy because she’s never tried the candy but was interested in trying it. I handed her a coupon for the buy one get one free and told her that I am on the website where I receive free products and can share with others for my honest opinion. I love sharing. If you’re interested in trying the unreal candy, just do it! it’s so worth it because if you’re addicted to eating candy like I am, you’d feel less guilty eating unreal candy with less sugar and calories.