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Old Navy Active Wear #Gotitfree

15 Dec




So, my friend Kayla and I got free active wear from Old navy. I love Old Navy but their clothes run so darn small! I have more motivation to hit the gym though after seeing how horrible I look in these work out clothes, but they will come in handy while I am on my journey to lose weight.. tons of weight. 

I’m so glad I got into this mission though – $42 dollars worth of free clothes for myself. 🙂 I am so very thankful to old navy and to crowd tap for allowing me to do this mission. 

I will be taking full advantage of my yoga pants and my active wear shirt by running on the treadmill every night and riding my bike on the trainer!



1 Dec


Covergirl Flipstick


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So, as everyone knows I am a part of & I receive free products in return for my honest opinion. I was given the chance to try Covergirl Flipsticks recently and this is by far the best campaign I’ve received, please do more make up campaigns, bzzagent! we love them.  #Gotitforfree


So flipsticks are:

Double sided, one creme shade and one shimmery side, and when blended together they look very unique.


They come in 13 different shades such as:

  • Whisper
  • Flashy
  • Vixen
  • Stunner
  • Minx
  • Tease
  • Snap
  • Intense
  • Pucker
  • Cheeky
  • Smooch
  • Glimmer
  • Perky

You can either use these lip colors alone or you can mix them together for a unique look.


My review of the products:

Minx: Awful colors. They are a dark purple colors.. almost brown with gold shimmer. HORRIBLE but it looks horrible on me because I am pale.  I wouldn’t buy it and I don’t really know who this would look good on in all honesty.

Stunner: I love this color, however, the red is very BRIGHT and when you’re pale like I am, it just looks like ronald mcdonald.  I still like to wear it with a black dress though and it doesn’t look that great mixed with the brassy orange color, so I just left it alone with the red.

Vixen: My FAVORITE! I could rant and rave all day about how amazing these colors are. They are a very light pink and the shimmery color is just as beautiful. It looks so amazing on me and I wear it every single day! once I use all up this lipstick, I will go out and buy more. I bought my best friend some for xmas, I am excited to give it to her! it will look great on her also because of our complexions with rosy cheeks but no tan!  Love it! thank you so much bzzagent for sending me these lipsticks.  This is Stunner! Bright red with orange brassy color. This is minx. Bright purple with a goldish shimmery tint. ugh! This is Vixen! my favorite. The top looks bright but it’s not all that bright, it’s very lovely! love this. I highly recommend this to people who love pink lipsticks.


I’d like to try perky and pucker next!  These price for about $8 at most stores, I think they are worth the price.

Dino Lingo Influenester :)

1 Dec

So, I was given the task to watch Dino Lingo with “my children” I don’t have any children, so I figured that I would let my two nieces watch them with me. I want these videos for myself! I am such a dork, but they are super awesome.

Dino Lingo is a program geared for young children to learn different languages.

The languages provided are:

English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Swedish, etc. They provide over 30 different languages for your child to learn about.

Basically your child picks a dinosaur they want and then on the computer they can play games that will teach them how to speak whatever language they would like.

It provides over 200 words and comes with 5 dvds.  It’s $100 but would really benefit your children.

To be honest.. they are a bit pricey but children need to learn another language for college, so they need to learn a language a lot earlier than middle school in my opinion. I don’t really any spanish I learned from 6th grade.

My nieces and I watched a dino lingo video on youtube that was in Chinese. I found it to be very cute and my nieces were intrigued with it, so I think eventually when they are a little older like around 8 to 10 years old, they might benefit from this. They can speak a little bit of spanish now that they learned from daycare.